QI Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

Body Care That is a Joy for 2019

content personCan you imagine doing something that has to do with your healthcare that is a pleasure? For most of us, our blood pressure goes up when we have to go to the doctor or think about something “heathcarish”. That is not the case when you step into my office. Everything is comfy, warm, safe, and quiet. It feels like a sanctuary.

Some patients like to talk on the table, others don’t. I follow your lead and mostly listen. Usually what patients are talking about has everything to do with the area I’m working on so you get to release some of those thought habits, events, and feelings that you might not have been aware you were holding in your body.

The focus with my deep tissue work is not on the muscle belly as it is in massage therapy, but the soft tissue attachment adhesions at the joint. This is a very unique treatment and releases soft tissue pain quickly and eventually, completely. It is not like PT manual therapy, therapeutic massage, or relaxation massage. It is healthcare that will increase your range of motion and reduce your pain level upon mobilization very efficiently. Once that is moving well, you can start your exercise regimen that is required to continue to bring the pain levels down. Weak muscles or overdoing with a very busy schedule and personal demands are always the cause of the problem and it’s important to make time to do strengthening or relax and breathe with yoga or meditation. You get to talk about your body and how you’re using it in my office. It’s the perfect place for that.

The energy in my hands is unique and you will become aware of the energy you are holding in your body that you’re ready to release. Then I help you do that. The less you resist, the less discomfort you’ll have. I know I can help you feel better and one thing I’m sure of; everyone wants to feel better. With the combination of my efforts and yours, we can keep you out of the doctor’s office and out of surgery.



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