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The Heart Keeps The Body Going


We all know this on an intuitive level. Other than the brain, it’s considered our strongest, most important organ. In addition, there are entire “centers” and hospitals dedicated to this ONE organ.

Then why isn’t our culture dedicated to our heartset as much as it is to our mindset? Why is the energy of the heart viewed as inferior to the power of the mind? Well, I think most would agree men are mostly mind focused and women are mostly heart focused; that’s why. But now that is completely changing and women are very drawn to cultivating strong minds. I feel it’s time for men to cultivate strong hearts. It certainly isn’t talked about as much or studied. And when someone talks about listening to their heart, it’s in hushed tones and all the men in the room roll their eyes as though it’s self-help New age junk. It’s not! Nor is it about emotions. It’s more about intuition and balance with the rational mind.

In the history of our planet, as a human species, the heart has been revered. The Maya and the Egyptians believed the heart center was sacred and held rituals around it. The Christians have a religious devotion called The Sacred Heart of Christ that represents God’s boundless and endless devotion to us as his children. My business is not a religious service but it is spiritual as it’s expressed through Reiki and in nature as Mind-Body-Spirit. 

The way I interpret that is Male-Body-Female are ONE. There is the gender balance in an aligned body that loves itself. There is unity in every body in that we all have female and male in us. Let’s be calm with that no matter what we were taught. Our body is whole and one with our mind and spirit. It is a trinity. Therefore, our healthcare must also be mind-body-spirit. And what has been missing is the Spirit as one with the Mind and Body because religion has had its wagons circled around the body. That is no longer.

Each individual, with God in them or Source, or what have you, circles the wagons of Spirit around their own body. My entire practice and existence and many holistic practitioners live and teach Mind-Body-Spirit so I am in good company. Now it’s time to venture forth and complete the Trinity, not just talking about the Mind and the Body or the power of the mind over the body but with HEARTSET, we will set our sights on THE SPIRIT part of Mind-Body-Spirit and ask the hard questions, look at what past cultures and wise people have taught, and how we moderns want to define and experience it now. Hopefully, you’ll help me do that.

Lisa T.




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