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why is one shoulder or hip higher than the other?


medical massage 4Answer; because the muscle is shortened and raises up the joint. The muscles control all of your bones and joints and dominate your body. In order to have healthy bones, you have to treat the muscles and deep tissue FIRST. It’s an anatomical fact. That is also why the M.D.’s will tell you that weight-bearing workout, keeping your muscles strong over time is what keeps your bones strong. They don’t say, “Keep your bones strong and your muscles will be healthy.”

Think of your muscles like strands of tape that can get balled up or folded over. When that happens they are no longer long, smooth, and filled with blood but contracted, shortened, and full of muscle adhesions.

The muscle attaches from joint to joint, so in the case of the arm, from the humeral joint to the elbow joint, any of those muscles can be injured or stop working for you. The issue is that the cervical or neck muscles attach to the cervical vertebrae and then on the other end, the superior edge of the scapula can exacerbate the problem. Then the back of the shoulder hurts too. It’s simple to treat. All it needs is blood flow. The blood is QI and heals everything. You’ve seen a wound heal automatically. The doctor doesn’t need to do anything. Your body does it on its own! That’s not something to take for granted. It’s something to stimulate and occurs in the deep tissue as well.

You get my drift. It’s all connected and needs to be assessed and treated hands-on by someone who focuses on the soft tissue attachment at the joint such as deep tissue or medical massage therapist.

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