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What Controls Your Vibration?

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According to the studies I’ve read and the work done in the lab, what we know as facts about the body is that there is nothing outside of the body that is more powerful than what is inherently in the body naturally. Inside of you is your blood and all of your cells. Your cells absorb every thought and feeling you have on every level. All the work of Candace Pert, Ph.D., neuroscientist proved it and I blogged about it here.

Things outside of us that we tend to believe can control us:


*Drugs, herbs, plants that affect our whole body but particularly hallucinogens



*Other people



Are they stronger than us? No. It’s factually not true. Food, drugs, money, stuff, others, animals, and media will never trump the power of human blood and the intelligence of every cell of the body combined with what we feel and what we think about if we know how to focus and breathe.

It matters whether or not your blood is moving (exercise, walking, a sport, bodywork) and what you are thinking and feeling. Everything on that list is a servant to your vibration. If you set your vibration and control it, you are more powerful over everything on the list. All those things on the list have their own vibration. What will happen is that as you center in your own vibration you will feel an affinity for some of those things or none of those things.

The truth is, we control the vibrations of all of those things and their effect on us, not the other way around. As long as you are centered in yourself, you can be around anyone and anything and you will remain in control of your own center, it won’t control you.

We are more emotionally attached to all of those things than we realize though. It’s a test to finally transform one of them so that it no longer controls you. That’s what we’re all learning on Earth.




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