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Everyone Doesn’t Need a Vaccine. For Instance, if You Have a Functioning Immune System…

Harvard epidemiologist and vaccine expert Dr. Martin Kulldorff was subjected to censorship by Twitter for sharing his opinion that not everybody needed to take the COVID vaccine.

Some people have co-morbidity or are very weak. He addresses that in the article. Then go ahead. But our own autoimmune systems are FAR smarter and stronger than an RNA vaccine for a new hard mutating RNA virus. And it’s going to mutate even stronger because of the vaccination.

You’ve heard of MRSA bacteria that patients contract in the hospital. That bacteria mutated with killer superpowers because clever humans thought they could nuclear bomb bacteria with anti-biotics. Now doctors won’t prescribe them. Most of the time they fail to work. This WAR MENTALITY with the body speaks to the historical origins of white coat allopaths to the wartime battlefield.

Our current sick care system is battlefield based. Now that they’ve been beaten on the BACTERIAL WAR FRONT they’re turning their greed and demise of humans to the VIRUS WAR FRONT.

You have to shore yourself up, yourself. It’s not difficult if you turn them off.

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