Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

I Cause Therapeutic Microtrauma With Deep Work

This issue comes up often with athletic patients that are type A personalities and are addicted to hard and fast movement. You’re going to need to slow down while I’m realigning your tissue.

Deep tissue manual therapy is therapeutic because I’m doing microtrauma which stimulates your brilliant immune system to kick in. It’s the same reason I recommended in another post that you let yourself get any virus (which has mutated since the last one) so that your immune system will adapt and get stronger. It’s the main way in which our DNA evolves. That sounds important right?

Do you know that your DNA is malleable? It’s not set in stone. That’s in another post. We are evolving creatures. Our ancient human ancestors didn’t look very much like us so it’s fairly obvious that change is endemic to the planet. We have to adapt.

Human muscles have to adapt to the environment as well; the one in which you live with your lifestyle and I tailor my treatments to you.

If you are used to going at it hard like my athletes, I’ll be going quite hard to get the tree-branch-like muscle to turn to clay-like. I’m sorry, but you can’t use it normally while it’s healing. You can walk but will need to stretch every half mile.

For people who are weak and thus injured I also do micro trauma but start talking to you about strengthening before you fall apart. It’s no different than a chronic smoker getting lung cancer. You can almost be 100% sure you will get lung cancer inless you do some major turnaround of that destructive energy. It’s suicidal to smoke, not drink water or let your muscles get weak. Add to that continual anger. Holistic practitioners are pretty good at meeting you where you are on this and not lecturing. We will not be co-dependent even if you want us to be.

So the work I do stimulates the immune system to remind you to take care of yourself. You can’t go about things as you did before and with that, many patients go back to the whitecoats. The ones that stay get better, thrive, and go out the door empowered when they’re aligned. It’s all about empowerment and it isn’t free. But it costs far less than the sick care system in every way.

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