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The CDC Cries Uncle on the Virus.

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What a remarkable few days it’s been! 

The CDC finally did what was inevitable. It admitted that the war on the virus is futile. Without saying so, the CDC – and probably for political reasons but also to save face – finally said that you can go back to normal (more or less). It did not credit the Great Barrington Declaration of course. 

We’ve been publishing on the topic since the announcement was made. Links below. 

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Why Give the Nobel to WHO When Xi Jinping Inspired the Global Lockdowns? BY MICHAEL SENGER. Some believe this is a feat worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. I, not-so-respectfully, disagree. However, one point we can all agree on is that credit for these policies should be given to the man whom we truly have to thank for their conception: Xi Jinping.

My Gratitude For the Apologies and Sincere Expressions of Regret BY THOMAS HARRINGTON. I’d like to send a special note of thanks to all those friends and family members who, after sniggering behind my back that I had gone off my rocker, or had suddenly become an unthinking and selfish Trumpite, sent their sincere apologies for what they said about me, and how I had fallen into mindlessly and obsessively repeating Q-Anon memes. 

Truth and Art in the Pandemic Era BY DANIEL NUCCIO. If you’re an artist and you’re trying to grow your Instagram following and you start posting anything that calls into doubt like ‘The Science,’ you’re going to be shadowbanned. You’re not going to be in front of those eyeballs. Art that aligns with the mainstream narrative, however, is rewarded.

How Covid Policy Tore Israel Apart BY GILAD HARANSHAHAR GAVISH. The rules of medical confidentiality between the patient and the entity treating them must be strengthened, and a person’s medical preferences and choices regarding vaccination, as well as any other treatment, should remain their private information.

Canada’s Inferno of Incivility BY JULIE PONESSE. Civility is not conformity. It is not agreement per se, but rather how we handle our disagreements. A society made up of identical citizens speaking and thinking in perfect unison, perfectly purged of moral tension, is in no need of civility.

Coronamania Foreshadowed in Beatlemania BY MARK OSHINSKIE. Witnessing Beatlemania foreshadowed Coronamania. While the manner of expression of group identity and hysteria differed in these two contexts, both reactions were extreme and unreasonable. Actually, Beatlemania made more sense. When I walked out of the theater and back into the disorienting 1965 late-day light, life immediately returned to normal.

A Deeper Dive Into the CDC Reversal  BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER. How many people on the planet have now been acculturated to top-down control, socialized to live in fear, accept whatever comes down from above, never to question an edict, and expect to live in a world of rolling man-made disasters? And was that the point after all, to breed low expectations for life on earth and relinquish the soul’s desire for a full and free life? 

New Zealand: Mugged by Covid Reality BY RAMESH THAKUR. With the passage of time, as evidence mounted of the folly of Zero Covid policy and the accumulating harms it was causing, the New Zealand government was trapped in a prison of its own construction and found it difficult to change course, even after the futility of the entire program became obvious in the data. 

Dr. Birx’s Fake Science Revealed in Her Own Words BY DEBBIE LERMAN. In her “excruciating story” of the pandemic, The Silent Spread, Deborah Birx does not even try to make coherent scientific or public health policy arguments in favor of the Chinese-style totalitarian measures she advocated. Instead, she provides nonsensical, self-contradictory assertions – some downright false and others long disproven in the scientific literature.

CDC Quietly Ends Differentiation on Covid Vaccination Status BY MICHAEL SENGER. CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status. 

How Masking Contributes to Long Covid  BY CARLA PEETERS. A lingering disorder that can last for months or years is affecting an increasing proportion of the workforce. The symptoms that contribute to Long Covid could be a result of pandemic measures and masking in particular. Increased exposure to microplastics, nanoparticles, chemicals in masks and nasopharyngeal tests parallel many of the symptoms that define Long Covid. 

Why I Signed the Great Barrington Declaration BY DONALD BOUDREAUX. The Declaration merely reminded humanity of what was until early 2020 the consensus among public-health officials, including those at the World Health Organization, of the best means of dealing with respiratory pandemics. All the GBD did, really, was to advise that long-standing consensus be regained and followed.

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