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Watch Your Blood Sugar if You Use Protein Powders

I think too many people replace eating whole foods and chewing with these various protein powder meal replacements on the market. We are animals with teeth after all, not robots.

I’m on a super healthy whole food way of life to keep my blood sugar normal, which it has been for three months, between 95 and 108.

I had one of these Ka’Chava shakes yesterday and this morning my blood sugar was 177!! I feel fine and I know it will drop down but there is something in these “superfood” powders that is not good for people. My vegan friend thought it was saturated coconut fat. Coconut is a SATURATED FAT which is only supposed to be a minor percentage of your daily fat.

I think people who don’t eat use these things because they have an eating disorder. They have an emotional aversion to eating real food. I had a patient admit that she doesn’t eat and then sits and eats too many protein bars. She is super thin and her skin is sagging.

You can tell by looking at a person’s skin and teeth whether they have a balanced diet of fats, proteins, and carbs. If it’s sagging they won’t eat fat or whole proteins and they’re dehydrated which means they have repressed feelings. Water is feelings in the body. If you are not thirsty then you don’t want to deal with your feelings. I get this way sometimes but I make myself drink water.

COLLAGEN AND BIOTIN are at the 600% level of the DV in this stuff. It is not going to cover your eating disorder. In fact I researched biotin, which they pile into these powders and it’s known to raise insulin levels. Look for Biotin levels in supplements folks. Don’t buy it if it’s very high. It can cause diabetes type 2 and increase sugar cravings.

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