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Why Isn’t Sugar an Electrolyte?

It is a minor one. It feels like one when you eat it! I don’t eat it any more though and my brain is just not as happy. πŸ˜” No sugar for me. I was addicted to it so I’m on the wagon and sober.

Sugar is not technically an electrolyte. However, glucose (a simple sugar that comes from food and drinks) does help with the absorption of electrolytes and makes it easier for them to do their various jobs. Is that interesting or what??

When consumed in the proper amounts, electrolytes and sugar can work together to support optimal hydration. Ok…REALLY? So that would be Gatorade which I don’t touch.

I’m burning fat and keeping my blood sugar normal, which it is so this is of interest.

Americans’ getting enough POTASSIUM is a huge issue and it is a key electrolyte. If you are vegan and eat many leafy greens and beans you’re probably fine but I personally can’t eat like a rabbit all the time. I wish I wanted to but I follow my body and eat some meat, fish, eggs, and some dairy.

Sodium is the other problem if you eat whole foods. Sodium is only high in processed food. Don’t demonize sodium. It’s a key electrolyte and we need 1800mg/day. It’s easy NOT to get enough sodium if you are a healthy eater so I literally keep an eye on it in app. Your brain will stop working without salt due to lack of ELM energy or electromagnetic charge from electrons!

So, this is why people get addicted to salt and sugar. They need the brain zap because they aren’t getting the panoply of whole food nutrients by eating healthy. You’re headed for HBP and diabetes type 2 if you refuse to stop mostly eating processed and fast food. You won’t get away with it. Been there done that and so have my patients.

But Grandma said to bake. Grandma was wrong…about many things.

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