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The Benefit of Being Repetitive or Having Good Daily Habits

There is a Spirit-Body-Mind benefit to being repetitive about processing something you feel attracted to or want to do. Reasonable, thoughtful people who are not impulsive habe good habits. They ruminate and try to pick the right time to do something in cooperation with the Universe or even just Earth movement.

While it’s true that you can feel you can choose the right time yourself to control it aggressively, it’s not realistic at all nor is it going to pan out. But you can always lie about how great everything is working for you. You’re likely to get yourself into trouble if you do that though.

We live in a world with others and a myriad of Earth events. You don’t have to take all of the meanderings into account but it only makes sense to calculate some of it. If we lived in a world where no one calculated the right time to do something and just decided helter-skelter to do whatever, whenever, we’d live in chaos all of the time. To each his own. It all comes out in the wash.

In the end, your body will feel whatever choice you make so it’s a learning experience.

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