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When is Pain Inevitable?

Humans have a light body. It’s subtle and is the reason we’re alive and breathing.

Deep tissue therapy is not a relaxing spa massage that’s superficial first layer but it is definitely a good hurt that is super relaxing and therapeutic. I cure people meaning they find proper alignment of tissue first and bone follows. Then pain they have had for a long time is gone. In my practice, they don’t have to come back. I constantly have new people.

Patients get many mixed messages about pain from healthcare practitioners and coaches. Most say, let me give you a shot, or keep taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol, or pain is good for you, and more. In my experience all of that is wrong.

They say all of that because they don’t know how TO CURE muscle adhesion pain and they’re lazy. “Go ride the bike for 15 minutes.” They don’t know how to use their hands and energy to heal. For God’s sake. All of healthcare should be about healing and curing, not covering it up or making it worse. They fail.

Physical and emotional pain are part of life but is it therapeutic for a therapist to cause it? The word for that is nociceptive.

No, nociceptive pain is not therapeutic, especially going deep with your elbows with oil over a muscle adhsion. Don’t do it. Or doing a Chiro adjustment over contracted tissue. Don’t do it. Or causing as much pain as you can doing P.T. manual therapy. Don’t do it. Or pushing your athlete past the point of no return without letting an injury heal. Don’t do it.

I literally get angry when patients tell me stories of a professional saying pain is fine. There are different types and levels of pain. I think stretching hurts no matter how much I do it and I’ve never been limber but I think it helps and I breathe. My gluts hurt walking until I get walking and then it subsides. That is where my acceptance ends.

My P.T. says she believes the more pain the better and she does P.T. manual therapy. I ask her to back down on it and she does. I go deep on patients but my Naprapathic technique and Reiki is such that they say it feels good. It’s a good release. Her P.T. work is not a good hurt but she doesn’t know how to do it differently. I may stop soon. The schools don’t teach it properly.

We are told to do aeorobic and weight bearing workout but rarely are we encouraged to do deep breathing and relaxation workout.

The Qi of the body is subtle and when there is pain there’s blocked QI. Everyone should learn about this and know that THE BREATH and relaxing the mind releases QI flow. Honestly, unless a practitioner understands QI they shouldn’t have their hand on anyone. We need a revolution in Healthcare to honor the life force, consciousness and energy flow to also release pain.

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