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Biden Admin Moves to Make Expired COVID Rules for Health Care Workers Permanent

He just put the nail in the coffin of the existence of our current allopathic healthcare system. We holistic appreciate that. People are already flocking to us and now Grandpa Joe just tipped the scale.

No one in their right mind will train in sickcare now. This will be interesting. We’re separating the Healers from the old days of shadow black magic with their hexing; “Lisa, your organs can’t heal.” “Why do you look so good?” (Jealous PA) “You look so young” (jealous OBGyn).

Lightworkers are aware of cutting edge science and understand what it means to be intuitive and rational at the same time and check their ego at the door with patients. They kmow how to focus their Qi for good.

Black magic is about obeying The ministry, lock step, and putting humans in boxes for treatment protocols, no individuation or diversity. They like their paycheck.

Have at it. We have our Petronas charms ready for sickcare dementors.

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