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If You Have Diabetes Type 2, hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, Eat RED POTATOES

They have 1200mg of potassium in one cup and 58 carb grams, so eat one or two small ones, not a whole cup.

But if you go on the diabetes websites they preach sweet potato which are good too but not as good. They have 768 mg of potassium per cup and 58 carb grams.

Potassium and sodium and a bit of sugar function as electrolytes or electrons conducting natural electricity produced by your heart, in your body. It’s Qi.

My PA told me not to eat red potatoes. I guess she’s looking for my electrolytes to crash my heart so she can prescribe more pills. She said, “Believe it or not we are trying to help.” She got out the door before I had a chance to say, “But you’re not. You hinder healing because you don’t have your facts straight and you don’t teach or empower patients to heal themselves.” But she was long gone by then. I hope she can’t sleep at night because of self doubt. These people need to wake up and cross over into the light.

I doubt she finds it important that we need 4700 MG of potassium per day and 1800 MG of Sodium which you WILL NOT GET IN NATURAL WHOLE FOODS! You have to add salt if you don’t…eat…garbage and millions of us DO NOT. Gee, they might lose their jobs if people eat well.

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