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Blood Sugar Levels Are Controlled by Metabolism Not Sugar

I just dropped 26 blood sugar points by walking for an hour before I took my fasting blood sugar read this morning. That’s far more drop than if I’d taken metformin or synthetic insulin.

Metabolism means how your organs work, specifically digestive like intestinal system, liver, pancreas, kidney and heart. I have great organs and trust them. But you do have to WORK them. Ignore your doc if they hex you by saying you can’t heal your organs. They are wrong. They make no money if you eat whole foods and walk or workout. That’s why they say that. It’s disempowering sick care.

Your organs can’t just sit there or your sugars will pile up and turn to fat. You were meant to move and live on earth not be passive and watch life pass you by. That’s unhealthy and it happened to me because I compulsively had to get A’s in college and sat on my butt being a nerd, which I adore. I am a writer after all and I love to sit, think, read and meditate.

That was 2005-2008. I had just graduated from all of my holistic training in 2002 and was still learning ro apply it so I was finishing my undergraduate degree.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes type II twice from 2016 to 2022, after I was tragically widowed. I squashed the diagnosis both times within three months by getting my act together as far as health regimen. My A1c was normal twice after 3 months due to MY OWN ACTIONS.

My blood sugar was too high so I had every reason to give them another chance and to prove to myself that I wasn’t a holistic hypocrite. Turns out I’m not. And now I know I am correct. They make a lot of money off of tired, programmed, disempowered people who don’t know what else to do and are told they will die if they don’t do what the doctor says. We live in a fear ridden society.

I’m committed holistic so this was a TEST of the straights, to try their magic potion snake oil called Rx, their attitudes and to see what they would do to me.

They artificially bring your sugars down so it throws off the qi of all of your organs which then throws off your muscles. I couldn’t move and felt worse than ever even though my numbers were in their acceptable box. I had no energy to workout and then gained two pounds because of the insulin stopping my sugars from feeding my active muscles. It’s unnatural and unhealthy.

Until you’ve burned all of your fat and increased your metabolism you have to cold turkey on sugar. The only sugar I get is recommended dark chocolate, 70-78% cocoa which I have with espresso. And I drink nitro cold brews with a splash of cream. No sugar drinks…ever. No bread unless it’s Ezekiel bread. No alcohol which is death to your liver. 1400-1500 calories a day is what I eat and I’m in a size 16 jeans headed for my natural size 7.

You don’t need insulin, metformin or trulicity. You need to get app, input your info and track your eating and nutrition. Love yourself and filtered water, even Britta for starters. Then walk or workout daily with a steps app or workout app at home and stick to it.

Good luck!

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