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Internal and External Qi

I work with Qi in the form of Reiki in my office every day. I also work with it in my own mindfulness of my body. What I notice is that my emotions change as I change my body. We know that the hormone balance in the body changes as well with movement, exercise, and diet. Estrogen and progesterone bring emotions to the surface. Testosterone sends it inside.

Emotions are internal Qi. Muscles and fat hold external qi although extra fat makes a person estrogen dominant, including men. Since I’ve been working out, I notice that as I get physically stronger in terms of my muscles, I feel less emotionally vulnerable. This could be directly correlated to an increase in testosterone. It would also explain why most men like to feel physically stronger and have big muscles. Some women do too but not as much. Our culture asks men to be more active and in charge than emotional, even though likely, they do have as many feelings as women. They just aren’t allowed to express them as women are. They should be.

This could also explain why women and men put on layers of weight when they don’t want to deal with certain feelings. You can protect yourself with a muscle layer or a fat layer. It still achieves a feeling of security in a body that feels bombarded by energy that you don’t like or is toxic to you personally. That is the reason I don’t judge anyone who is increasing in size no matter how they do it. They have their internal reasons for doing so and it’s not for the rest of us to shake a finger at them, shake our heads or preach. Just wait until you hit a wall in your life and we’ll see how you handle it! If not layers, maybe addiction escape with something else that isn’t as apparent.

Women naturally have very strong internal qi which we’ve evolved because of the rigors of childbirth and motherhood. We have to be secure and tuned into feelings for survival. I don’t think it’s that we’re naturally better at it, but that we’ve had more practice for millions of years. The same is true for men with their strong external qi.

Biologists and psychologists continue to say that women and men are more alike than different. As both genders balance internal and external qi we will also get closer to gender equity.


Artist Paige Bradley

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