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Is the Content of Food More Powerful than Our Minds Attitude Toward it? Can Our Minds Affect the Food We Eat?

Daily servings Harvard study finds perfect blend of fruits and vegetables to lower risk of death.

Once again I’m going to give you this Harvard study and then after it give you my personal take on this data.

While few people would contest that fruit and vegetables are good for you, there can be some confusion over how many servings of them you’re supposed to eat in a given day. The USDA advises people to eat anywhere from five to nine a day, with international standards similarly converging around five or six, though some go much higher. Luckily, a new study that reviewed the health and diets of 100,000 people and combined it with meta-studies of the available data puts the debate over how many servings a day you should get to rest.

The researchers followed 66,719 women from the Nurses’ Health Study and 42,016 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study to see how their diet affected their long-term health and mortality rates. Over the three decades of follow-ups, a clear, non-linear relationship developed between how many servings of fruit and vegetables people consumed per day and their risk of death. That overall risk reached its lowest point at five servings a day—two of fruit and three of vegetables—with further increases having no additional benefit. What type of vegetable was consumed mattered as well, with starchy veggies like corn and potatoes having fewer benefits than other types. Fruit juices were also less helpful than just eating the fruit. On the other hand, leafy greens, carrots, citrus fruits, and berries all demonstrated health benefits. The net benefits of this compared to only getting two servings a day (roughly what the typical American is eating) are notable. It averages to about a 13 percent lower risk of death from all causes, a 12 percent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, a 10 percent lower risk of death from cancer, and a 35 percent lower risk of death from respiratory disease.

Lisa’s Comments

To equate the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat with death is giving far more power to fruits and vegetables than they deserve. It’s a chronic problem in academia and natural science to give far more power to THE THING than to the conscious party interacting with the thing or eating the thing. It’s a type of materialism. It’s very telling about the lack of respect and inhumanity that has been cultivated in institutions against human power. We’re not all five years old. Some of us do know how to turn media off, cultivate our intelligence, take care of our muscles, and become co-creators with the world around us.

But what level of humans have abused their power on the planet? The elite, the globalists, the trillionaires engaging in maximum control over ALL life on the surface of the planet for their own ends, the animals, plants and humans be damned. We are collateral damage to them. But in my opinion they are ignorant of the power of collective humanity in cooperation with the earth to run this place. We have not been in charge properly so we have to prove ourselves given a chance.

The first test will be to not give food more power over our bodies than our focused Minds. It’s actually absurd to suggest that ingesting a tomato or a carrot has more power over a humans intention to live or die than the human themselves. The ancients would be appalled. The inherent power of the human mind, embedded into our DNA by our ancestors is superhuman. That latent superhuman power has been programmed out of us with mind control and brain washing by the elite, particularly by the mainstream media. It’s going to end soon.

Human beings have tremendous conscious power to focus and direct our minds (thoughts and feelings) with inanimate objects. Most things around us only become animate when a human or another animal interacts with them. A glass of water will continue to sit on the table until I pick it up. A tasty herb or plant will sit rooted in the ground until a hungry mammal comes along and eats it. We are higher on the food chain. Plants don’t eat us, we eat them. Some carnivorous fish can and will eat us though; but that may be in self-defense more than hunger. I’m not sure.

Humans throughout history have always prayed over their food. Some put their hands over their food before they eat to align the energy. Many people care very much about aligning their own vibration with the food, but the food never does that to us! I feel some trees have a spiritual energy consciousness toward me but not plants I eat. The plants we eat do not have more consciousness and intention than we do and they certainly have no say over whether we live or die.

Humans control the vibration of the food we eat despite their content; the food does not control our vibration. It’s bad enough that other humans are desperate to control other humans but to suggest that fruits and vegetables can control our bodies, minds, and feelings is adding insult to injury.

So many people, including my peers think food has so much power, more power than our attitude towards it and I find it to be the height of superstition. It becomes it’s own type of programing. You are programmed to believe an Oreo is bad for you, you eat it, believe it is and therefore it is! That’s the same for anything but so many people ascribe power to the thing more than their mindset toward the thing.

Religious laws have even been made around food. Well, spiritual laws have been made around mind, attitude, feelings and actions. for millenia. Why is that thrown out the window? Because actually applying spiritual laws would mean we would have to change our actions and stop offloading our laziness and resistance to failure and bad behavior on the world around us. Then the elite come along and pick up the slack acting like our parents who we believe will love and care for us altruistically. That is a fantasy and then they are able to sway our minds because we want them to. Like a politician, they tell us what we want to hear.

It’s time for humans to wake up to the INHERENT POWER already in their bodies despite what they eat that resides in their focused MIND. The MIND has the greatest power to change the world around us and it’s up to us to stop being distracted by all THE STUFF and get to work taking responsibility for our relationship to the Earth; two conscious beings. It doesn’t matter that much what you eat; it matters greatly what you THINK and FEEL about the food you eat and how you treat others who are different from you. Therein lies the power.

Do whatever you feel strongly about and don’t do what you feel strongly against but don’t project that onto others. We each can program our own minds and then we need to respect that in others instead of treating them as though they should agree with us or they’re wrong.

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