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Top 10 Vegan Animals | Vegan Souls

This is an epic article. You cannot refute the logic.

“Top 10 Vegan Animals | Vegan Souls”

So I’m sitting here eating a big salad for dinner, chewing endlessly which is how raw veggies are, feeling like a cow or a rabbit.

Then it struck me that they are really cute mammals that don’t eat other mammals! Why do humans brag about eating their own kind? I use “own kind” loosely as most humans are no longer cannibals, but cases of it do end up in the news. I don’t want to go there.

I will go here though. It is somewhat cannibalistic to eat other mammals. I’m making a statement.

Can you imagine if all the mammals we know of ate each other? Meaning not just their own species but all other mammals.

I think we have ancestral blood lust in our memory, probably unconsciously because blood sacrifice and immolation can be found in virtually every human culture. I’ve said that to patients and they giggle nervously like, “I guess I shouldn’t tell her she’s crazy.”

I’ll meditate on this. But what is perfectly clear is that WE DO NOT PHYSICALLY NEED TO EAT OTHER MAMMALS!

But maybe we’ve been taught by religions that we’re supposed to eat blood to be sanctified. Now that…is something to ponder. As if…we don’t have enough of our own blood, which is QI, or ours is deficient.

Hmmm, what would they have to gain by teaching that to us? A nice human snack of their own because their species is dying out due to bad choices, like relying on A.I. for survival.

Who taught us that and why? Maybe a stellar species from elsewhere. I’m thinking it doesn’t come from or belong on earth. Just one more mistake our ancestors taught us? Gee, who would have guessed.

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