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Weight loss tip: Studies show friends can sabotage your efforts — Quartz

A Stanford University study showed that over 75% of women ”never” or “rarely” experienced support from friends or family when it came to losing weight.

This is startling to me, my own mindset being wrapped around empowerment and education with my patients. But I’m finding it to be true. My mother is discouraging me from getting down to my natural size 7 by happily working out and just eating normally but little sugar or drive through.

Yesterday she got emotional and said, “Why don’t you just shoot for a petite size 12.” omg. Why? So of course I’m ignoring her and take full responsibility for my desires about my own body in order to feel good and energetic as well as getting great sleep.

I knew this would happen and I’m over it knowing that most women are competitive with other women, are afraid of their own power kept for themselves instead of giving it away, and form their self-esteem around a man wanting her and then pleasing him.

This is one of the physical or health fallouts of patriarchy. Men aren’t doing this to women, women are doing this to themselves and each other. To a great degree, women are responsible for the rise of patriarchy! If we refuse to do what it takes to take care of ourselves instead of everyone else, cooperate and do what it takes to lead, men fill the vacuum with not great success. It’s like expecting the kids to run the house.

It’s also a way to manipulate a man to get him to subsidize you with his money instead of making your own. In my opinion it creates a power imbalance.

Here is the Stanford study proving my point.


I personally love men and my female body and mind. Women need to hold their dignity, work hard and teach the man we love how to treat us! Time for gender equity and it starts with taking care of our health and feelings ourselves and not asking for permission to be our best even if we’re alone doing it.

Rebel Wilson is a modern day example of the taboo subject regarding how much women compete with each other regarding looks. This competition upholds patriarchal dominance and takes advantage of men. Women are responsible for objectifying themselves and then competing. IMO it’s a way to obscufate their power so they can blame someone else.

Losing weight is about HEALTH, not pleasing a man



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