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You are what you eat or you eat what you are?

I use to be in reality about exactly what I’m eating, all nutrient levels, calories between 1200 and 1400 per day, and percentage of protein, carb, and fat. Nothing is theoretical or wishful thinking. It’s exactly what I eat, and I don’t drink alcohol or any crap, just fresh, filtered water. Disgusting, I know.

Honestly, I eat so healthy and clean it’s sick. I’m not normal and losing weight quickly, almost to a size 14 after being size 24 at my worst when I was very unhappily married.

Now I’m single and thriving, but I’m trying to figure out what my body is doing. My holistic minded D.O. said, “Go ahead and just eat 1100-1200 calories a day to get your A1-C to 5 since you aren’t using meds for high blood sugar.” She thought my A1C was great at 7 just doing it naturally.

I refuse to take insulin, trulicity, or metformin. It’s all very bad for you over time, and you need to face food and drink right in the eye anyway. Plus, I felt crappy on it. Also, and people fight me on this, we make our own insulin. Our pancreas can be balanced with lifestyle. I’ve DONE it, so don’t tell me No. I’m right, but it takes effort and focus. You can’t listen to friends and family and get healthy. Just follow a rational system that’s the truth and stick with it. Forget socially fitting into their toxic lives. It’s not worth it.

So…yesterday I was as hungry as I’ve ever felt, which is not normal for me at all. I was STARVING all of sudden and felt like I had to have the biggest, juiciest cheeseburger in existence. It changed my mood. I’m pretty sure my blood sugar was dropping because this morning, it was 62 which is way too low.

Yesterday, I did get a big burger and took the whole bun off, which leaves little real food. These burgers are mostly awful bun and too much paper packaging. I piled it on two cups of fresh chard and cooked half a red onion in olive oil. There! Now it’s edible. I fixed how freaking deficient the burger products are, but it wasn’t enough.

I will get a bigger one today. So… MEAT. BURGER…COW. Not just chicken or fish, which I eat often as well as beans which really don’t have much nutrition. I felt like I had to have it, and it overtook my brain, honestly.

We are all blood and muscle mostly. Every human is blood and muscle. Cows, deer, elk, etc. are the same, and we like to eat them. But they don’t eat animals like them. I think they’re vegetarian!

I feel like I want to eat what I am! 🤔 I am not a head of cabbage, although I do love cabbage.

I think it’s our human reptile brain. Have you seen a Croc grab a deer with its teeth and eat it? I think we get like that. I feel like that sometimes, so maybe I have a high Reptilian brain. Not all humans are the same in our evolution. I’ve learned that from working with the Mayan Oracle.

We have our ideals and morals, and then we have the reality of our bodies. I try to manage both. At least I no longer want or eat processed sugar or bake. That would be hell.

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