Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

Regular Soft Tissue Therapy is Essential


Most of the patients I see are acute or chronic and usually in a lot of pain. My skill and technique have developed over the years to get rid of their pain quickly which is why, I suppose, people come in and go out my door likes it’s a revolving one and many times I don’t see them again. I could be proud of this fact but instead, I’m not getting something across to everyone.

I’ve tried over the years to explain that just because, unlike other practitioners, I actually solve the problem, it doesn’t mean you don’t need some type of regular treatment. We all do regular health maintenance daily that has been taught to us by many different therapists. For example;

  1. Dentists have taught us to brush our teeth for five minutes, 2X/day and floss, and any little extras. We’re also supposed to get 2 cleanings a year and the exam.
  2. Doctors have taught us that we need yearly physical (although that’s controversial) and that we need to take prescribed meds as directed. They’ve also vaguely told us that we need to eat a good diet and exercise daily but that usually goes in one ear and out the other.
  3. Physical Therapists have taught us that we need to stretch daily and exercise. They are absolutely spot on.
  4. Psychologists have taught us that we need to set healthy boundaries with family members and friends so that our needs are being met as much as we want to meet theirs. Reciprocation is important.

You get the idea here. The point of ALL healthcare is helping you traverse the planet in alignment with little pain so that you can have as many adventures as possible before you leave. I’m pretty sure most healthcare workers would agree that we’re here to help, not to harm. Our frustration is that we need you to do YOUR part, keep your appointments and do what we ask you to do at home.

This could turn into a blame game but the fact is, we only see you in our office for one hour max at a time. The rest of the time is yours to bang around in and we have no control over how you use your body, thoughts, or feelings. But I know I’m happy when my patient feels better and I’m very upset if you’re not. That’s love and I do love people or I wouldn’t do what I do.

Your muscle, blood, and joints make up the majority of your body. They are not like your teeth or the occasional holiday. You need to see me at least once a month because it’s important to receive passively on the table to re-align and re-program your joints to move in their full range of motion. You are active for others and for yourself the rest of the time. This is a full body treatment just for you.

Out of 672 hours per 28-day month, at least one hour a month, you need to let someone take care of you, remind you of how important your body is and how much you value its balanced movement. Without your body, you won’t have a life!

If you come in but you have an acute situation that is causing pain or trouble, I’d rather schedule that for a separate time and still do the one-hour full body “kata” with Reiki to get you aligned. We can do the trouble spots first and I can get rid of that for you.

You spend 8 hours sleeping and 16 hours up and working per day. Those are big demands on each one of us. Let me help remind you to take care of yourself with movement, fresh food, water, and exercise, the way I do myself. I’m a good influence in a world full of…crazy stuff. Give me a call. 616-328-4242.



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