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Your Body Is Everything

chakras-light body

Your body is your superpower. Earth is a travelin’ place. If you don’t have your body, nothing can make up for it. Whether you spend most of your time at your house or out of your house, you have to move to live a good life and to be healthy. Our entire being and human evolution have been about moving, seeing, talking to others and learning. That’s why it’s so odd to me that the powers that be invented tech and media that causes us to be sedentary. Are they trying to turn us into programmed zombies whose hearts barely beat? To what end? The zombie apocalypse? I’m digressing into a grade B movie.

Television-sit still and absorb

Movie-sit still and absorb

Concert-sit and absorb

Car-sit and navigate

Computer-sit and read, work, or think

Tablet and phone-sit, search, read, or talk

School-sit and listen

Church-sit and listen


You’re being brainwashed by all of this. You are absorbing the information with which they want you programmed and you are distracted from your own inner voice and feeling your body. They are programming you to be a complicit citizen of a society that makes money for them. You’re also a complicit member of the church, paying tithe; double taxed and a good student. The people that run and lead in these organizations are The Guardians of The Order.

When you stop moving, your muscles and thus the rest of your body breaks down and you want to eat more of their garbage for their profit; fast food and big box store crap. Your brain starts to numb out and you get bored. Then your brain and body become unhealthy and unhappy because your blood is not circulating, bathing all of your cells in Qi, or Life Force. They’ve got you where they want you; asleep spiritually and mired in materialism, buying their products and following their holidays. Then you want to drink, smoke, and get high to escape it or use porn.

Then you feel the need to spend your entire paycheck on their awful product called health insurance. It sucks all your natural healing power away and tries to give it to drugs, tech, machines, and invasive procedures. This is the S.A.D. cycle; the standard American diet and lifestyle and there is a BIG profit in medical tech and research; not so much for the other health care underlings such as myself or doctors and nurses.

Most of your body and superpower is muscle and blood. Therefore, it seems that it’s no mistake that there are no muscle doctors. They’ve turned massage therapy into a form of sex/porn as well. I do manual therapy, not massage therapy. Every single person on the planet needs attention to their deep tissue and Qi.

There are doctors for bones; and orthopedic, brain; neurologist, digestive system; gastroenterologist; the list goes on for every organ of the body except the dominants; muscle and blood. With your mind, those two lead the body.

We each need to take care of and feed our muscles and blood every day and you need to see me regularly for trouble and then monthly for maintenance. You fill your gas tank! How about filling up yourself? Deep tissue work, manual therapy, passive movement, and stretching plus Reiki keep your Qi moving like gas in your car and then you run your body and your life.

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